Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still love working in Charcoal too.

more Figurative practice

Occasional Figurative work always excellent practice

Cuffy and Parrot Tulips

Chocolate Mix

Chickadee on Hand

Now you know how I gather my Photo refs to work from for my favorite little bird.

Chickadee # 7

Chickadee # 6 (White Feather Excavating)

"White Feather", the name I have for this particular Chickadee because of his unusual two white feathers on his right back, is continuing to excavate a circular hole begun and abandoned by a Woodpecker abotu 8 feet up a broken tree trunk. When he and his mate finished, this nest actually had a heart shapped opening. Tooooo cute.

Chickadee # 5 ("T-Bird")

Chickadee # 4

Chickadee # 3

Chickadee # 2

Chickadee #1

Coral Beauty, Hybiscus

V-21, Naked Ladies

V-30, Snow Drops and Spotted Salamander

V-27, Fall Cardinals

V-24 Chickadees in Treetops

V-27, Nastertiums and Corgie

V-23, Chickadee and Violets

V-25, Chickadees and Tulip Magnolias on Blue

V-25, Chickadees, Tulip Magnolias on Blue

another gourd, V-22

V-22, Sweet Peas and Butterfly's