Monday, February 9, 2009

Show updates

Well, the February Display is up at the Stow Munroe Falls Library for all to see. PLease visit the Library this month. Often, I will actually be there demonstrating too. I will post soon, a schedule of when I will be there demonstrating so you can come and talk with me if you would like.

February 3rd through February 27th, 2009
Gourds on display in showcases plus 22 Paintings in Art Gallery (back where the Tax information is, in the back of the first floor)
When: February 3rd through February 27th, 2009.
Location: Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library
3512 Darrow Rd.Stow, OH 44224
(on State Rt. 91, between Rt.303 and Rt.57)
Contact Information: Phone: (330) 688-3295 (Ask for "Annie")
Library Web site:

Hope to see you there!


Frank said...


You asked for comments:
1. Your pictures are wonderful!
2. I found it difficult to figure out how to comment.
3. I am not a fan of white text on black background. I would prefer a restful cool light color for the background with black or dark colored text.
4. Some text is a dark blue, not easy to read on black.
5. Most of the links are a muted blue, also not very easy to read.
6. Having to sign up for a google account in order to comment may put off some folks. I hope my usual google user name and password works.
I do like your blog. Please don't be discouraged by my comments.

Best Regards,

Frank Mitch

Barb said...

Frank, I have been away from this Blog site for about 1 1/2 years, it seems! Wow.

Anyhow ... I am back, and have read today for the first time, your comment, written so long ago.

I suppose a reason I have not checked the Blog site is because I didn't really think anyone out there was viewing it since there were no comments hardly at all, anyhow. I thought that people found it boring, or at least not interesting enough to even comment on to me. So, basically, I felt it wasn't worth the time to mess with trying to learn further how to use it. So, thats why all this time passed.

Your comments really help me. Perhaps they hold the very reasons why I have not heard from people at the site. If I can figure out how to change the background, I will definitely experiment with some other choices and see what folks say. I, myself, like the black as I feel it really sets off the art. But, I do feel the font size needs to be larger.

Your comment about hesitating to comment because of having to start a Google account in order to do it is a VERY good point. I would confort folks on that point, however. Google is not pushy, and being actually FREE indeed, is a very GOOD thing. I have had my Google account and enjoyed G-mail for a couple years now and like it very much. I would be using it MUCH more than I DO, if it were not for all the time I have into my AOL address book over the last 10+ years. I keep saying that one day I WILL sit down, learn how to transfer the address book and all my saved emails over to my G-mail account. THEN, I will say goodbye to AOL. Problem is, I never get that time. Sigh ...

So, thanks, Frank. Your comments sting a little, (because I like the black background) but, I will indeed experiment, when I can figure out how to. You have helped a lot. Keep in touch, OK?